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You can focus on running your business while I run your site!

Running a website isn't all that difficult. All it takes is a little time and know-how. That said, not everyone has all of the time they need to sit down and manage their site on a day to day basis, especially when your job isn't office based. That's where I come in with a tailor-made maintenance package for you!

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When you own a website, probably the last thing on your mind is where it's hosted. It shouldn't be! The quality of your hosting can make or break your website. No matter how well built your site is or how well written it's content, if it takes more than a few seconds to load it may as well not even exist as far as your visitors are concerned.

Fast and Reliable UK Based Hosting

Heart Internet

When I take care of your web hosting, you're in good hands. My websites are hosted by Heart Internet, one of the UK's fastest growing web hosts. With their centrally located data centers in Derby and Leeds, you can be sure that no matter where your visitors are in the UK, your website will respond with lightning speed and thank's to multiple redundant backups your data is always safe, even if the worst should happen.

And unlike cheap shared hosting I ensure that your site gets as much memory and processing power as it needs and should your site require even more power, I can provide a dedicated server for your website at a superb price.

Great value website maintenance packages

As a customer of my web hosting you will also be able to purchase an optional maintenance package. Maintenance Packages allow you to pass along the part of the responsibility of website ownership to me and also serve to provide a guaranteed level of service, should you require any assistance. Packages are priced based on a number of factors, including the number of hours you require each month so please get in touch for a no-obligation quote!

Maintenance Package Key Features

  • Can be used to develop simple new features for your site
  • The ability to request design modifications on the site
  • The creation of marketing materials (Banners, HTML Email etc)
  • Training & assistance on the use of your website
  • Monitoring your site's performance in the search engines
  • Making tweaks to your site's SEO data if required

Common Questions

Here are a few questions I often get asked by my clients about web hosting and the maintenance packages I offer:

Are there minimum terms for the hosting and maintenance packages?

Yes, Web Hosting is subject to a 12 month minimum term, to be paid in advance each calendar year. It is most likely your first invoice will be due at the point your website is signed off and ready to go live.

Maintenance Packages are subject to a 3 month minimum term and as with web hosting are due in advance. Whilst you can book and cancel a maintenance package at any time, you can only change the number of hours in the package every 3 months.

Should you decide to cancel either your web hosting or maintenance package, you are of course entitled to pre-paid time remaining on your account.

Do you offer Ad-Hoc Maintenance ?

Absolutely, since each business will require a different level of ongoing support, I do offer Ad-Hoc maintenance to all my clients. Ad-Hoc support is more suited for businesses who feel that they do not require a pre-set amount of ongoing maintenance.

All Ad-Hoc maintenance requests are charged at £20 per hour with no monthly fee applicable. The minimum charge for Ad-Hoc Support is £20.

How much are the maintenance packages?

The price of maintenance packages depend on how many hours a month you wish to reserve. There are also other factors to consider, such as client loyalty rewards, where additional discounts are given for long-term customers.

Maintenance packages start at £64 a month for 4 hours, the equivelant hourly rate drops every 4 additional hours reserved.

How much does hosting cost?

Depending on the requirements your website, not very much at all. If your site does not feature any processor or memory intensive tasks, you will most likely be charged my standard hosting rate of £14.99 a month.

Should you require something more substantial, I can source VPS or even Dedicated Server hosting for your business at a substantial discount compared to publicly available retail prices.

If I don't use all my hours will I lose them?

If you don't use all the hours you pay for in your maintenance package by the end of the package's term then you will lose the un-used hours, as it is not possible to carry them over between terms. I will do my best to make you aware however, of any un-used time so that you can use it up in time.

Likewise, you are free to use the time you reserve as quickly as you need to, using up to 8 hours for one task. If you use all of your time before the end of the term, you will be able to book more time at an ad-hoc hourly rate specified in your maintenance agreement.

Is there anything that's not included in a maintenance package?

I'm afraid so. Whilst my maintenance packages cover a great deal of day-to-day tasks and allows for regular small design and development tasks, there are a few tasks that the maintenance agreement cannot cover. Maintenance packages do not cover any of the following tasks:

  • The purchase of stock photography or other materials
  • The writing of any substantial amount of text content (for example, a blog post)
  • The purchase of any 3rd party product or service
  • Any single task that will take more than 8 hours to complete
  • Or any 'Design for Print' services such as business cards or other stationery

What happens if I use all my pre-paid maintenance time?

I try to advise my clients to pick the right level of maintenance time when building a quote for them, however sometimes it is possible to run out of pre-paid time.

In these instances, you can either wait until the next calendar month to continue to task at hand or continue the task on an 'Ad-Hoc' basis.

The hourly rate at which you pay for additional time is based upon the number of hours contained in your maintenance package, with clients purchasing more time in the pre-paid packages getting a discounted rate.

What happens if I want to move to another host?

Well first of all I'd be pretty sad! If you do decide to move away I to another host I will do what I can to help with the migration of your site.

I will provide the most recent database backup and file-structure backup of your site on a password-protected disc, or alternatively I can directly assist in setting up your website on your new hosting solution.

What's the benefit of pre-paid maintenance packages?

Simply put, it is the peace of mind you get knowing that should you require something doing to your site, provided it's in the agreed terms of your maintenance package, it's just gets done.

I don't prioritise one client over another, you just send me an email with what you require and I'll get it done the next chance I get. It really is as simple as that!

Who will host my website if you manage my hosting?

When you purchase web hosting through me, Heart Internet takes care of the hosting. Hundreds of thousands of customers rely on Heart Internet every day to power their websites, emails, applications and much more.

Their customers span a wide range of individuals and businesses from bloggers, freelancers and agencies and even to large national companies with complex requirements.

So why hire me for your next project?

I use only the best web technologies

The modern web is awesome, with so many tools available to help create exceptional experiences for your visitors. It matters for squat though, if those tools are misused. With me you only get the features that’ll help, not hinder your visitors convert.

I'm exceptional value for money!

Since I don't have large overheads,  I can deliver a product that’ll meet your needs more cost-effectively than you might think. I’m completely up-front with costs as well to help ensure that there are no nasty little surprises along the way!

Flexible payment options available

When it comes to pay, its real simple. You can pay me by Bank Transfer, PayPal or Securely by Credit or Debit Card. For larger projects I also offer the option of spreading the cost and I'm more than happy to discuss discounts for returning clients!

I'm available for new projects!

But to ensure I deliver the best results I can I limit the number of clients I work with at once.

So if you understand the value of great design please feel free to drop me a line, maybe we can work together!

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