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Seamlessly integrate your brand to help you sell more online!

BigCommerce is just awesome, it's a hosted, all-in-one eCommerce solution suitable for businesses both big and small that is rammed with big-money features and currently powers over 41,000 stores Worldwide. It is the perfect solution for those looking to sell their products online with zero fuss!

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I provide a customisation service for BigCommerce customers that allows them to seamlessly integrate their branding into their BigCommerce store in a cost-effective manner that helps them gain a bespoke look and feel to their store that will make a superb first impression that should help drive more sales.

Template Customisation


If you're looking for the quickest and most cost effective solution, template customisation is the answer. Rather than building a design for you from scratch, you select one of the dozens of pre-made templates built by BigCommerce which I can then modify to seamlessly add in your branding. Not only does your store get a more unique look that'll help it stand out, I also modify your store's email templates to help enforce your branding in all channels!

A Total Conversion

If you really want your store to stand out from the crowd, a total conversion is the way to go. I can design and build a completly bespoke design for you store, including adding some limite non-standard visual functionality to yout store. This is a much more involved process, with a significant amount of design and development being required, but the results are always stunning.

I also go beyond the design, included in this service is an SEO checkup that'll help ensure your products are appearing when and where they should and that the data needed to keep on top of your standing with Google is being collected as it should be.

I also provide a completly bespoke set of email templates and gift vouchers for your store, included in the package price, so this really is a total conversion!

You can learn more about BigCommerce via their website!

Common Questions

From time to time my clients ask questions about my BigCommerce integration service, I've written the answers to those questions for you here so that you can make the most imformed decision!

Are there any limitations?

There are a couple of software, but none of them are imposed by me. BigCommerce is what is known as a 'SaaS' application, or 'Software as a Service', where you pay an ongoing subscription which covers the licensing and hosting of your site. Since your site is hosted by BigCommerce and not by yourself or me, the source code cannot be changed, which means I cannot add new features to the site for you, only BigCommerce can - and they don't do this on individual requests.

New features are often added free of charge in addition to the already exceptional suite of tools they provide, for what really is a very modest price.

As far as visual customisation is concerned, there are very few technical limitations, I can generally implement whatever I can design and whilst it is on occasion possible to implement a design solution or work-around to a particular limitation, it isn't always the case.

Even with that in mind I feel that BigCommerce offers the highest degree of customisation when compared to all similar services.

How does BigCommerce work?

Its very simple, you effectively rent your store from BigCommerce directly, which in itself is a fully-feature eCommerce platform that I truly believe is the best in the industry outside of costly enterprise solutions such as Magento. Your rental is in the form of a subscription than you either pay monthly, or annually at a 10% discount. Pricing starts at just $25 (£15) a month and unlike many competing services, you don't pay any fees to BigCommerce when someone buys something from your store.

The benefits of a BigCommerce store is that you get access to selling tools that would otherwise be exceptionally costly to acquire and access to all the new tools that they are constantly developing.

How long does it take?

As with the cost, it all hangs on how much you'd like to get changed. The minimum turn-around time is a week for simple design modifications (not including consultation), full conversions will take around 4-5 weeks, in addition to consultation time, to complete.

How much does a template conversion cost?

It depends on the extent of the conversion, but generally the more serious the modifications, the more it will cost. The most simple conversions can be done for around £300, which would involve creating a version of your logo to use on the store, modifying the text fonts, sizes and colours, plus converting the emails on the store to make them unique to your business. It sounds like a simple task, but a great deal of caution must be used when modifying BigCommerce themes, as it is possible to break functionality if mistakes are made.

Total conversions are more expensive but still offer good value for money as not only will you have a fully feature eCommerce store, it'll look superb and have a design that's absolutely unique to your business, so unique in fact, that your clients won't even know it's a BigCommerce store!

So why hire me for your next project?

I'm proud of the results I deliver

As a self-employed developer and designer, the quality of my work reflects directly on me, not the company I work for. This means you can be certain that I give 100% on each and every project to ensure my clients end up with the return on investment they deserve.

My clients love what I do for them!

I love hearing about how the work I've done has helped grow my client's business - and they love telling me! I produce websites that are professional, easy to use (both as the customer and the administrator) and deliver real results.

I use only the best web technologies

The modern web is awesome, with so many tools available to help create exceptional experiences for your visitors. It matters for squat though, if those tools are misused. With me you only get the features that’ll help, not hinder your visitors convert.

I'm available for new projects!

But to ensure I deliver the best results I can I limit the number of clients I work with at once.

So if you understand the value of great design please feel free to drop me a line, maybe we can work together!

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