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Increase your bookings with a website worthy of your property!

I'm currently developing a new, all-in-one, professional, hosted web solution for B&B Business Owners that will deliver a quality of service and feature list usually reserved for those with a large web development, but will instead be available via a great value subscription.

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A few years ago I built a website for a friend's, parent's Bed & Breakfast. My somewhat limited ability at the time meant that it was a static HTML website that they had to return to me every single time they wanted changes made to their tariff or menu, or even to add entries into their guestbook. I recently came to the realisation that so many other B&B's in the UK are stuck in the same situation; where they have an old or badly designed website that's failing to build trust and so limits their ability to attract new bookings.

You'll never look at your website the same way again!

It's true to say that as a Bed & Breakfast business owner, you have plenty of opportunity to promote yourselves thanks to the likes of TripAdvisor other hotel comparisons websites. So often Bed & Breakfast owners seem to decide that a glowing profile on these sites is all you need and that your site isn't that important in the grand scheme of things.

Whilst it is absolutely true to say that a good set of reviews on TripAdvisor helps a great deal, it doesn't give the quality of your business or service to shine through, as often the deciding factor for visitors to comparison sites is the price; which means that no matter how good your property, accommodation or customer service is, you're always competing against budget end of the market.

I'm building the B&B Website of your dreams!

So in reality, your website is your time to shine, your place to be unique and show your prospective clients exactly how good you are! I can help you acheive this goal in a way that's likely to increase the number and quality of the enquiries you receive!

I have been developing a Bed & Breakfast website solution for some time now and I'm getting to the point where I'll need to bring in two or three businesses to help me fine tune the functionality of the software in preparation for it's release, currently set for Spring 2014.

The software has been designed from the outset to offer a fully-featured solution to produce stellar quality B&B Websites and to do it for a price unheard of at the level of quality and functionality that I know the software will deliver.

To help reduce costs the site's software is pre-built however has been designed to allow each and every site to have an absolutely stunning and unique visual design.

So for the first few clients...

For the first few companies that help me refine this service, I am happy to waive the setup and design fee and in addition, provide photography and logo design at no extra charge. This means that the only cost of your new website only be the ongoing license, hosting and maintenance fee, which is billed quartely by default or can be billed annually, saving you an additional 10%.

There are no hidden fees for this service and no commission on bookings you take. The only term for this service is that it is subject to a minimum contract of 1 year.

It is my hope that I can eventually help Bed & Breakfast businesses across the UK by providing a fully-featured website that does far more than their old and clunky website ever did for them!
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Common Questions

As you may be aware I am currently planning to release a Bed & Breakfast website service in Spring of next year. These are some of the questions that I know that I can answer now, I'll be sure to keep this as up-to-date as I can as more come in!

How can I find out more or apply?

If you're interested in helping me out, that's fantastic! Please get in touch with me and I'll send you a media pack which explains the details of the service and the offer I can make to you in return for your business's assistance in fine tuning the software.

How does this service work?

Effectively, it is an all-in-one solution which rolls all of the costs and responsibilities of owning a website into a low cost one-off setup and design fee and a great value subscription.

The initial setup and design fee covers the creation of a completely bespoke design for your website that will be unique to your business. The ongoing subscription is available at a number of price points that includes different features and represents exceptional value for money.

There are no other fees and no commission on bookings you take, which allows this software to give you an unbeatable return on investment.

For more detailed information and for current pricing, please request a media pack by getting in touch with me.

How much will this service cost?

Whilst the pricing for this service has been finalised I am not yet ready to release it, however it is true to say that this service will offer unbeatable value for money, as the quality of the website you will receive will be far beyond what should be expected for the asking price.

What is expected of those helping you test the software?

The main responsibility of those who elect to help me refine this software would be to ensure the functionality of the website provides the features my clients require and handles them in a manner that is both easy to use and delivers an engaging user experience for their visitors.

Due to the assistance these first few clients would provide, I am offering what equals up to an 80% discount on this service as there is immense value to me in outside assistance in validating the goals and objectives of this service.

What kind of features will this service offer?

I'm not yet ready to publicly disclose the features at this time, however I can say that the software is far beyond the usual information portals that B&B's seem to settle for.

It has been designed from day one, to be a complete solution for B&B's looking to have a website that does far more than just exist; it's been designed to provide a complete solution to increase your exposure online, help get you more, higher quality bookings and create a stellar first impression for new customers.

So why hire me for your next project?

My clients love what I do for them!

I love hearing about how the work I've done has helped grow my client's business - and they love telling me! I produce websites that are professional, easy to use (both as the customer and the administrator) and deliver real results.

I'm exceptional value for money!

Since I don't have large overheads,  I can deliver a product that’ll meet your needs more cost-effectively than you might think. I’m completely up-front with costs as well to help ensure that there are no nasty little surprises along the way!

I'm the best of both Worlds!

Unlike some I'm both a designer and a developer, so I can help save you money by not having to cover two (or more) wage packets and what's better, the standard of my work is high; often far higher than the invoice amount suggests it should be!

I'm available for new projects!

But to ensure I deliver the best results I can I limit the number of clients I work with at once.

So if you understand the value of great design please feel free to drop me a line, maybe we can work together!

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