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MMA Universe is one of the largest Mixed Martial Arts stores in Europe having served over 450,000 customers in it's 15 year history. Originally starting out as ML Sports, the company rebranded in 2005 to MMA Universe with a fully bespoke website powering it's B2C and B2B sales.

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In October of 2012, the company decided that the retail portion of the business had outgrown the capabilities of its existing solution and sought a replacement. Whilst another custom solution was considered, the enterprise level software provided by BigCommerce was decided on as a more cost-effective option.

MMA Universe is a full conversion of BigCommerce

Unlike the ML Sports B2B website, MMA Universe was designed exclusively as a B2C environment and so required exceptional attention to detail.

The problem some people associate with hosted solutions similar to BigCommerce is the percieved quality, because of the often low bar to entry, there are a great many poor quality stores. MMA Universe did not want to be tarred with the same brush and so a completely bespoke design was created for the store, the goal of which was to remove any likeness to a standard BigCommerce store.

This project was a complete conversion, which included HTML emails and other promotional media.

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