ML Sports Logo Refresh

ML Sports required it's logo updating, having used the same original design since 1998. The goal was to refresh the existing design to give it a more modern appearance. A requirement was for the final design was to be accurate enough to be used on large scale print.

Ok, so whilst I designed this logo during my time as an employee of ML Sports, it can still be considered very relevant to the kind of quality and accuracy that I can deliver when it comes to effective branding design!

Redesigning the ML Sports Logo

The key goal was to modernise a logo that was first created in 1998, the first task was to select a font for the logo, so several fonts we selected as possible candidates for use. I knew the colours had to at least be similar to the previous design, which was a red to yellow gradient - we ultimately agreed on a rich orange colour as this was a far more modern choice.

Once the font and base colour had been decided I started exploring the finer details of the design, there were a few possible choices but in the end we settled on a combination of gradients, to make the logo look as though the letters were twisted and folded to get the shape they have.

Finally, we decided to introduce a second colour to the logo as the single orange lacked impact, we eventually settled on the dark grey after several possibilities and came up with the finished design you see at the top of this page.

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