Glyn's Car Valet Service Signage

Glyn Jones has been a regular customer of mine right from the very moment he launched his business way back in 2009. Whilst Glyn offers a fully mobile valeting service, he also felt the need to have a place where his clients could come to him, so Glyn came to me to provide designs for some signage for his newly acquired workshop in Bodenham.

Glyn needed to have two banners designed, firstly a 195cm x 70cm banner and secondly a 150cm x 100cm sign. I created the designs for both, which were respectful of Glyn's existing branding and the artwork was provided in a full vector format that his printer of choice was able to use to great effect!

Designed by G-Effect, Printed by Vinyl Designs

Whilst Glyn was very pleased with the initial designs I created I didn't want to be let down with sub-par printing, so I recommended someone I knew would deliver. Vinyl Designs are a printing company based out of Dinedor, just outside of Hereford who have over 30 years of experience in the sign trade.

Vinyl Designs offers fantastic quality banners, labels, stickers, vehicle liveries and much more and are used by companies all across Hereford and beyond and the chances are that if you drive through Hereford, you'll see a van, lorry or sign they worked on!

Vinyl Designs did a fantastic job printing the banner and sign to specification and Glyn was exceptionally pleased with the results!

Whilst this project is something of a first for me, I would be happy to offer the same signage design services to all!

I'm available for new projects!

But to ensure I deliver the best results I can I limit the number of clients I work with at once.

So if you understand the value of great design please feel free to drop me a line, maybe we can work together!

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